The Shoplifting Theft Offender Program is an educational awareness and prevention program for persons charged with Theft Offenses.

  • Clients may be referred directly by a Judge, a Pretrial Officer, a Probation Officer or by an Attorney.
  • The Offender Education Program may be used as a part of a Pretrial Diversion Program or Post-Trial as a condition of sentencing.
  • A cognitive approach is used with emphasis on understanding the consequences of behavior.
  • Each participant receives a workbook.  Interaction among class members plays a vital role in developing awareness and responsibility for criminal behavior.
  • Each class meets for one 3-hour session
  • Class fee is paid by the client at the time of the class.  Cash or Money Order ONLY.
  • There is NO cost to the Court to operate this program.
  • The referral source is provided with a certificate of completion for each person who attends the class.
  • All administrative work is handled by S.T.O.P.